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How much rainwater can YOU collect?
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension has some great rainwater catchment information available, including this handy formula for figuring out how much rainwater collection potential you have:

There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater:
  • Lower utility bills
  • Happier plants - there is a marked difference in plant watered with city water vs. rainwater
  • Sustainable resource
  • Conserves water
  • No watering restrictions if you are watering with harvested water
  • Purchase of rainwater collection equipment is tax-exempt in the State of Texas
  • Rebates from the city for your rain collection tank
That's right, in the State of Texas you can purchase your rain collection equipment tax-free AND the City of Austin and many other municipalities offer rebates on the purchase of rainwater collection tanks for utility customers who harvest rainwater.

Tax Exemption for Rainwater Harvesting
To receive the tax-exemption on your purchase, please fill out the Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate and email it to us or bring it in with your in-store purchase. For more information on this tax-exemption, you can visit the Texas Water Development Board website.

City of Austin Rebates
You can get rebates of $0.50 per gallon capacity (non-pressurized) and $1.00 per gallon capacity (pressurized) for your purchase and installation of a rain collection system. There is a maximum lifetime rebate amount of $5000 from the city and the rebate will not exceed 50% of the project cost. Participation is limited to once every 12 months until max rebate is achieved. Please note that collection tanks of 500 gallons or more require pre-approval from the city before purchasing.

Find the Rainwater Harvesting Application here.

More information is available on the City of Austin website.

If your water provider is not Austin Water - you may still be eligible for the rebate. See the list of qualifying water providers in the Austin area.

Do you need rain gutters installed before you can think about collecting rain?
We have a great partnership with Austin Gutter King for gutter installation. They do top quality work, have innovative products to keep your gutters low-maintenance, and have great customer service. If you would like to take a look at what they have to offer, come on down to Zinger and visit their kiosk to see why their Gutter Glove may be the choice for you. Tell 'em Claudia at Zinger sent you!
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