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Outdoor String Lights & Light Bulbs

If you want to take your next outdoor barbecue or pool party to the next level, consider outdoor party lighting. At Zinger Hardware, we have a selection of outdoor patio string lights as well as replacement outdoor light bulbs. Along with adding a festive air to your next get together, backyard party lights can also help keep these gatherings safe after night falls. Illumination from outside string lights is not as harsh as other options, and it keeps guests from tripping or running into things when the sun sets.

The outdoor patio string lights we offer are durable and come with heavy duty suspension to prevent mishaps and ensure they stay in place. For extensive coverage, the string lights are available in 54 and 106 ft lengths, and you have the option of purchasing strings that have suspensors and holes for additional support. When you purchase one of these sets with us, you can also choose the color and type of bulb that you want, and you can select either ceramic or party bulbs.

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Frosted white replacement bulbs Clear replacement bulbs Party Lights make it festive!
Frosted, clear or multicolor outdoor light bulb strings! HD Party Lights make it festive! Party Lights make it festive!