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Drought Watering Solutions for a Healthy Garden

Keeping trees, shrubs and garden plants healthy is easy with the right fertilization and watering tools. The Ross brand provides a line of "root feeder" systems that deliver nutrients directly where plants need them most. GatorHyde offers several lengths of the drinking water safe lead free garden hose to ensure contaminant-free water for the entire yard.

A constant supply of clean water can also be supplied by rain water collection tanks or a rain drum. With sizes ranging from 100 to 2500 gallons, rain water tanks conserve precious resources by collecting rainfall to be used for watering rather than pulling water from a municipal water source. Choose from galvanized metal tanks or BPA free polyethylene resin rainwater catchment cisterns.

Whether using rain collection tanks or another water source, products from Treegator and Dripping Springs Olla provide the best drought watering solutions by keeping water contained near plants’ roots. They are able to do this by deep watering trees. For example, Treegator watering bags stay around the base of trees. Traditional unglazed terra cotta Olla irrigation pots are buried in the garden and filled every few days to ensure a continual water supply. The included Olla lid prevents evaporation of the water and prevents mosquitos and other insects and contaminants from getting into the water supply.

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