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Antifungal Socks by Aetrex

Bored with conventional socks that don't quite cut it? This luxury footwear is designed to keep you comfortable and fresh whether you're working around the house or enjoying the fruits of your previous labors. We know that devoting time to your hobbies and pet projects can work up a sweat, so we offer a selection of some of the best socks for foot odor currently available.

In addition to a vast selection of copper-infused socks that provide the ultimate in antifungal activity and eliminate more than 99 percent of bacteria, we offer footwear carefully selected for comfort. Our Aetrex copper socks are designed with just the right mix of cushioning, elasticity and arch support. Even better, Aetrex's skin-friendly material blends are specially manufactured to keep you feeling good all day long and reduce contact irritation.

From the workshop to the grilling nook, our antifungal socks are perfect for men and women alike. In fact, many military personnel prefer these socks for their antifungal properties and they keep feet comfortable for hours on end. With a range of casual, athletic, crew and dress styles to choose from, we make it simple to find socks for healthier feet and cozier lifestyles.