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Not all plastic tanks are made equally! Poly-Mart is proud to bring the most advanced line of plastic tanks to the market! Poly-Mart’’s premier line of SunShield Tanks feature a patented molded-in SunShield® Layer of food-grade black polyethylene to eliminate UV light penetration from the sun. This inner layer is made from the same virgin food-grade material as the outer layer of the tank, but with the added benefit of being compounded for complete sunlight protection. These two layers are seamless and are molded together at the same time, making the inner and outer layer one complete seamless wall. Testing from Texas A&M University proves these tanks measure Zero UV light intensity when placed in the full sun, even in the lightest colored tanks. Ever wondered why plastic storage tanks are mainly sold in Black & Dark Green colors? Those colors are naturally dark so they typically let in less light than other colors.

With SunShield Tanks, color is not an obstacle! No matter the color, tanks are pitch dark inside! Testing also shows our new Arctic White color w/ SunShield® will keep your stored water up to 14 degree’s cooler in comparison to your standard colored dark green plastic tank on the market as the Arctic White color reflects light! In hot climates, this is important for controlling evaporation and allows the water pumped indoors in Summer months to be a little cooler! Featuring an industry leading 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, these tanks are built to last and are available in all Rainwater Harvesting versions! Poly-Mart offers the largest tank color selection in the industry with 13 available colors. Our Black and Dark Green colors allow zero light in the tank so the SunShield® layer is not necessary in those two colors. However we are proud to continue setting the standard by offering the SunShield Tanks in our remaining 11 colors! No matter the color or tank size Poly-Mart’’s SunShield Tanks are superior to any other option available today and will best protect your water from the effects of the sun. Thirteen Colors. Zero Light. One Clear Choice.
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Rain Harvest Water Collection Tank 498 Gallon with SunSheild Rain Harvest Water Collection Tank 498 Gallon with SunSheild

Keep your water bills low and your plants happy!

List Price: $692.60
Our Price: $574.95