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Bokashi Bucket & Composting Systems

Environmental consciousness begins at home, and the bokashi composting method provides a convenient and compact system to turn kitchen scraps, household and pet waste into nutrient-rich soil over a few weeks. Bokashi is a Japanese term that refers to fermented organic matter. Layers of organic waste are treated with an inoculant to hasten composting, preserve the nutrients and reduce landfill waste. Even apartment dwellers or homeowners with limited outdoor space can handle a self-contained composting system using the bokashi bucket and bran that can metabolize various types of kitchen waste into rich potting soil.

These compact composting systems consist of specially designed containers in various sizes and a kit of supplies made for enhancing the recycling process. The process occurs in an enclosed system that controls odors, greenhouse gases and vermin infestation. Unlike traditional composting, the bokashi compost process does not require turning over as the addition of bokashi bran to organic material will complete the composting process.

Many cities are now offering rebates for composting systems and the City of Austin as well. Check with you municipality or waste removal company to see if composter rebates are available near you.

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