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Decorative Rain Chains

Rain chains are a functional and decorative alternative to ordinary downspouts. Japanese rain chains have been in use for centuries, transforming the need to channel rain into an attractive water feature. Pots are often placed underneath to add soothing sounds to the visual effect. A paving stone or a collection of medium-sized rocks can also be used, and some create a cedar or redwood box filled with pebbles.

Decorative rain chains are available in a variety of designs in two basic types. Cup-style rain chains feature containers attached along the length of the chain. We offer round shaped and square copper cups as well as highly decorative lotus blossoms, lilies, or bluebell designed cups.

Copper rain chains will develop a unique decorative patina over time when out in the elements. We also offer aluminum and brass rain chains for an affordable, yet attractive alternative.

Rain is channeled from loop to loop along the length of the chain. Most rain chains are 8.5 feet long. However, if a shorter length is desired, loops and cups can be removed. For those needing longer chains, we offer extension lengths. Extra downspout rain cups can be used for other decorative purposes, such as holders for votive candles.

Most chains and cups can be easily installed into any gutter with the included V-shaped hook that comes with all sets. If needed, we also offer gutter adapter install kits that reduce the size of your gutter hole so the chain hangs perfectly. The install kits are also available in copper or aluminum to match your rainchain.

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