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Garden Shade Cloths

Keep your backyard vibrant and lush year round by protecting your yard and deck form the elements. Save plants from burning in direct sunlight and enjoy great temperatures on your deck with the perfect garden shade sails. Whether you are looking for a rectangular shade cloth for full coverage or a triangular shade covering for partial shade we have the best shade sails online to meet your needs. A shade sale is the perfect addition to your backyard so you can spend more time on the deck and enjoy cooler temperatures throughout the summer.

Plant Frost Prevention Covers

Plants can struggle in the cold winter climate. A frost protection planket will keep the ground from freezing so your plants and trees can still get the nutrients they need. By preventing your plants from withering away in winter, your garden can make a quick recovery and you’ll be eating fresh peppers and cherry tomatoes again in no time. Whether you are looking for protection from burning or freezing plants or simply want a nicer climate on your deck we have everything you need at Zinger Hardware.

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Planket Plant Cover 6 ft
Our Price: $12.99
Planket Plant Cover 8 ft
Our Price: $17.99
Planket Plant Cover 10 ft
Our Price: $19.99