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Tula Hand-Woven Palm Hats
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Little Big Shot Super Hose Nozzle Galvanized steel with protective tar bottom
Galvanized steel rain collection tank with protective tar coated bottom Galvanized steel water cistern comes with 1 year warranty! 1630 Gallon galvanized steel water tank with interior protective coating

Gardening Solutions

Watering your garden is a concern in all of Texas, especially in Austin. With water as a precious commodity, it is comforting to know that Zinger Hardware offers several rain harvest tank models in stock. Whether you choose from plastic or galvanized metal models, a rain tank gives you the freedom to collect water and store it for future garden use. Zinger Hardware also has rain collectors for sale to help you capture otherwise wasted water to utilize for watering the lawn or washing your car.

If your kids enjoy playing with the garden hose on hot, summer days, they inevitably drink from it. Don't put an end to their fun because of lead worries; try our lead free drinking water hose. Built to last, this lead free drinking water safe hose allows kids and pets to drink water from the tap without fears of lead poisoning. It is also a great addition for organic gardeners.

Zinger Hardware doesn't stop with just basic garden needs. Buy composting bins to stretch your gardening dollar. By using garden and kitchen scraps, you effectively create a nutrient-rich soil amendment while saving money and the environments at the same time. Try composting today to see your garden flourish.