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Gatorhyde Hoses

How does your garden grow? Make it more environmentally friendly with our 50 percent post-consumer recycled, certified lead-free hoses, and enjoy a healthier patch of greenery in the process.

GatorHyde hose is made for the truly conscious home gardener. In addition to eliminating lead and other harmful components from its products, GatorHyde has engineered a specialized design that makes maintenance simpler and employs industrial-strength construction techniques to reduce wear. This no-kink garden hose lasts longer, so you can grow your favorite fruits and veggies without producing as much waste or experiencing quite as many headaches along the way.

If you're planning on eating what you grow, your garden hose should be drinking-water safe. In addition to being some of the best lightweight garden hoses we could find, these are some of the healthiest. With our GatorHyde products and a bit of TLC, your backyard oasis can become as wholesome as it looks.